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8 weight shoot-out

I was sent the link to the following article by one of my clients, Mike Frace. I felt it informative enough to reprint (with the approval of Doug Mcknight / the Yellowstone Angler). Though I prefer a faster rod such as the Sage Xi3 and Loomis GLX, some anglers may prefer a slower rod when making a transition to the flats from the streams. A faster rod in the hands of those with a perfected casting technique, pushes the power to the tip as generated at the base of the rod. The increased power/stiffness results in longer casts and a tighter loop/line speed. These fast rods might present a loss of "feel" in the hands of the inexperienced. Many of my clients, who are in search of tarpon or bonefish for the first time may find it helpful to get one in their hands before a trip down. A good fly shop should have an instructor handy for helping one perfect one's distance casting stroke.. Though I'm happy to help (and i enjoy doing so) with your casting once on the boat, it is usually comes at the expense of getting you in front of the fish..