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What can I expect to catch?

My job as a guide is to match ones angling expertise with their expectations. Sight casting for bonefish, tarpon etc.. is angling at it's most demanding form. If you're a golfer.. think in terms of the Masters Tournament in Augusta. With the right conditions, I can usually show you plenty of fish. It is up to you to cast correctly to them. The more proficient you are before you make it down to fish, the better chance you have of hooking and landing your intended target.

The most productive fly fisherman have their casting skills honed long before their charter. That way you can learn to see the fish, learn how to properly strip the fly and set the hook. Spin fisherman.. don't be caught off guard. Our gamefish still take skill and proficiency to place a cast in the "zone". Though I really do enjoy helping one to refine their saltwater fly/spin casting techniques, it is usually at an expense of time finding them for you.

There are other species and techniques that we can fish, that are easier to catch and we can keep much busier with IF you're just looking for action. It's really an issue of quality vs. quantity of fish caught. You'll find me to be a very patient guide/instructor, and when sightfishing, I don't judge my day by what we've caught, rather by how many fish I've been able to put you in front of. (the pressure's on me!) If you're patient, and willing to learn, I will offer as much information/guidance on your technique as you like.





Capt. Barry Hoffman