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guide referral service

No stress & no screaming. Patient and amicable..


Capt. Barry Hoffman

Unsure of who to fish with? Scared you'll get Old Captain Crusty on the stern barking orders at you for eight hours? Maybe "Lazy Joe" dangling his legs off the platform while staked out and waiting for the bonefish to show doesn't appeal to you. Well, don't worry.. I've got it handled for you...
I'm very sorry  I am already booked on the date(s) you would like to fish. If you've got your plane/hotel reservations, now's the time to book your guide. If you're serious about experiencing some of the best fishing in the world.. here's your chance. If you would like for me to arrange a guide for you, here is the process. Each and every guide I would recommend to you would have the amicable attitude and determined work ethic you'd expect from me.... Barry

Never been out with a guide? Without doubt, a recommendation from a friend or acquaintance, is the best way to go. They've been out with the guide and understand his work ethic and his personality. If you plan to bonefish on fly, better to get a guide who'll pole the boat and work to get you a shot at the fish rather than stake out, chum and wait for them to show. If you're still without a clue, Relax, I'll find you a terrific guide. I know who will work hard for you, who can help you with your flycasting or spin fishing skills, and who would you'd enjoy a day on the water with. Choosing the proper guide for your day on the water is a very important process. Some guides are better with flyfisherman, while some are better with children. Some guides are better teachers while others are more technical guides. Having had experience with many different guides over the past twenty years allows me to "hook you up" with the best guide for your needs. Matching one's expectations with one's abilities is most important for your day on the water.  Rates for guides, My rates are 525 per half day, 625 full day. Others that I recommend might be less/more for the day. Here in the Keys, guides are not hard to find, good ones are.  There are many that are part time guides with other jobs as a primary source of income.  Basically, they're learning their way around the backcountry on your dime.  My guess is that you'd want a guide that does this full time, and in season, is on the water nearly 4 or 5 days a week and that knows where the fish are (or works very hard to find them). Here in the Keys, a guide is not hard to find, Good ones are. The old saying, you get what you pay for, truly holds here. .. I've lived in the Keys for nearly 39 years and know who you want to fish with..

Unfortunately, I may not be able to fish with you during this busy time of year. A $25 fee is necessary to reduce the number of inquiries and my time on the phone/computer searching for a guide that has time available. My sincerest apologies that I cannot do more; I encourage you to utilize the internet (Google Florida Keys fishing guides) if you would rather avoid the fee. This fee is payable only with a credit card through the PayPal service


Online Guide Referral Process

Please note: I will only respond to online inquiries for this booking service. Please read thru the entire list below... You must follow steps 1 through 3 below for me to initiate the process. I return from fishing by 5 PM and will work to secure your guide after that time. I will not return phone calls for inquires left on my phone unless payment has been made.

1. VIA the email address below

, (step 2) please let me know:

•    * which dates you will be available here in the Keys to fish.

•    * How many days you would like to fish.

•    * Will you be fishing full days or half days?

•    * I will need to know where you will be staying. (Key Largo, Islamorada, Key West?)

•    * Please also describe your fishing aspirations for the day. bonefishing?,  fly fishing?, just catching lots of smaller fish? sightfishing?

•    * The fish and various ways of fishing are described here.

•    * Very important, I will need a name and phone number and email for a fishing guide to contact you.

2. email Capt. Barry Hoffman with this information

3. Make a secure payment ($25.00) with any major credit card, bank transfer or electronic check.

This payment is made via the SECURE and SAFE PayPal process. For more info regarding this process, please visit

• You will be sent to a secure server page, (SSL encryption)

•     The fee is payable through the PayPal service (a secure server connection) and will accept all major credit cards.

• If I am unable to locate a guide, I will gladly refund your deposit, usually that same day.

•    *To complete the process you will need to make a payment at the payment button link just above.

 4. Once I receive verification of payment from PayPal.

I will then arrange to have a qualified and personable guide contact you directly.

•     Once payment is received i will go about the process of matching you with a guide and finding one available for you on your chosen date(s). In the unlikely event I cannot locate a guide for you, I will gladly electronically refund your $25 payment, usually that same day or the next.


Thanks Very Much.

I look forward to helping you with your fishing plans or perhaps even fishing with you in the future. Capt. Barry Hoffman

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