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Florida Keys Flats Fishing
Capt Barry Hoffman fishing guide

Steve Morris, Corpus Christi, TX 
    Capt. Barry,Wanted to send a short email and let you know what a great experience it was to fish with you last week.  What an opportunity to have a shot at a slam, (and unfortunately), not be able to get the darn fly in the proper place!  I will be back, with skills honed, to fish with you again.  Your hard work and patience was greatly appreciated.  Good luck and we’ll see you next year! 
Steve Morris 6-25-2003

Capt Kirby LaCour, Kenner, LA 
    Barry, Finally was able to read the fishing report.  Mentioning David and myself was great, and the phone number referral is fantastic.  I have to say that without a doubt you are probably the best salt water guide I have been with.  I hope some of the people and clients I have talked to give you a call.  Not all are fly fishers, but are all class act people. Thanks for a great week! 
 Kirby LaCour  6-16-2003

Bob Wells

item22aBarry:  When you get time off from fishing, please let me know how I get a copy of the photo you took of me and my catch on Friday off Flamingo.  It was a great day on the water and you are an excellent guide.  I learned (via your instruction) a lot more about fishing and casting for accuracy.  Thanks for the help. 
  Regards, Bob Wells  5-16-2003


Jim White & Don Edwards, GA 
    Barry, Thanks again for the great time we had fishing with you. Don Edwards and I both enjoyed it very much.  We now have a better appreciation of how difficult catching a bonefish can be, especially with a flyrod.  I promise to practice my casting technique more before I come back....and I will be back!  Stalking bonefish on the flats can become addictive very quickly as I found out.  I really appreciate your patience with us.  You are a good teacher and a great guide.  We hope to make another trip soon!  (For anyone else reading this, I highly reccomend Barry as your guide, he did a great job for us!) 
 Jim White & Don Edwards 5-1-2003

Jeff Bowen 
    Hey Barry, Just getting back to work today...Thanks again for the great 2 days...I had a blast and am still tired. You should be really proud of the type of guide you have become....The no stress and easy going attitude has allowed me to catch fish each trip because you put me at ease on the bow. Hopefully I can fish with you again next year, I'll have to start saving now...Fishing the Keys is something very dear to my heart....Take care of yourself.... 
Jeff Bowen 4-22-2003

Bill & Chris Dean, GA 
    Barry; Just wanted to thank you again for the effort last week. Chris had a blast and sends his apologies again for the sloppy casting. As before you put us on fish and we had a great time.Thanks; 
Bill & Chris Dean 4-15-2003

Shane Jennings, TX 
    Capt. Barry: I wanted to thank you again for a fantastic Bonefishing trip last week.  M.C. and I had a great time hunting bonefish and experiencing the aquatic diversity of the flats.  M.C. especially enjoyed the "sightseeing" tour you provided for her while I was busy spooking bonefish after bonefish with inaccurate casts.  It was a wonderful experience for both of us.  The memory of my first bonefish peeling off close to 200 yards worth of line along with the scream of the reel and cramps in my arm will be a lifelong and happy one.  I appreciate you working with me to hunt bonefish on a fly rod all day, knowing that you could have easily kept us hooked up to fish of all kinds with live bait.  The challenge of the hunt and of making a perfect cast to a perfect sport fish was a phenomenal thrill for me.  It is something I have always wanted to do -- and I will definitely be back to do it again.  Thanks again for spoiling my future freshwater fishing experiences!  I'll always love catching a beautiful trout in a beautiful Rocky Mountain river as well as catching a big bass in Texas waters, but something will be missing when they don't take most of the backing off the reel time after time before finally giving it back in exchange for a photo opportunity. Have a great day! 
 Shane Jennings 3-17-2003

Al Simonis, OH 
    Barry, Marianne was thrilled to see her picture on your website. I wanted to drop you a short note to let you know what a great time we had with you on our flats outing last month. You did a great job putting us on fish. I only wish I was able to cast more accurately but this was my challenge not yours. You need to know that we both enjoyed the day in a big way. I've been fishing long enough to know...some days you get 'em some days you don't. Neither of us had ever seen an Eagle Ray or Lemon Shark in the wild before what a wonderful environment. The important part is that we had fun!  We'll do it again. 
 Al Simonis 3-2-2003

Chris & Donna Birren, IL 
    Hi Barry, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for a very enjoyable day of fishing.  Donna and I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the eco tour as well as the fishing.  Your patience with Donna and teaching ability was greatly appreciated.  Hopefully, we can hook up again. Regards........... 
Chris & Donna Birren 2-19-2003

Kris Hallinger, NJ 
    Hey Barry, Thanks so much for a terrific day on the water this past Sunday.  I had a great time and appreciated your professional demeaner and tremendous amount of patience given my limited casting abilities.  Your guidance in all aspects of flats angling, especially casting, was also greatly appreciated.  It was definitely a learning experience that shall not soon be forgotten.  It'll be different next time.  I plan on placing Elmo where he needs to be (and striping him properly) more times than not!  I'd love to receive the photos from the trip.   Thanks again. 
Kris Hallinger  2-11-2003

Phil & Connie Meyers, MN 
    Just a quick thanks for the great fishing last Sunday. Given the weather I was very pleased with what we caught. Next time we will have to go after the Barracuda. At the Westin I was talking with the concierge and he asked me who we went fishing with. I gave him your name and a strong recommendaiton. He said he would add it to his files. If you are by the Westin I would suggest you stop in and leave him a few business cards. It can't hurt to have your name out there (unless you are already so busy you can't handle any more). Thanks again 
Phil & Connie Meyers 12-11-2002

JD Forgatch 
    Barry, Thanks for a great trip, you put me on the fish, and showed me what is required. I will be working on casting and looking foreward to the next trip. 
JD Forgatch 12-8-2002

Keith Franqueiro, FL 
    Hey Barry, Thanks for a great day of fishing. You taught me a great deal about sight fishing for Redfish. Thanks again, 
Keith Franqueiro  12-2-2002

Martin Davies  Nottingham England 
    Dear Barry - just arrived back in England - thanks for a great half day - it was totally awesome, I couldn't even see the fish at first, and then you guided me to understand how to see them, what to look for...then I started spooking them with misplaced casts...and you encouraged me, and tutored me. Eventually I hooked up and lost it, u talked me thro setting the hook - finally you guided me to a fish it took the bait and you calmly said "look at me Martin " - and you gestured how to set the hook - the result was my first Bonefish and it was so good - wow - you have to experience it to understand 
it! I consider myself a reasonable fisherman in England, but you taught me so much - and as a teacher you also taught me how to enable people to learn, and thats what I will take away with me.  Thanks so much for your time and patience.   I am definately having a full day or split trip next year - of that there is no doubt.  Once again I can only say Thank you - and that's not really enough for what I experienced.... 
Martin Davies  Nottingham England 8-30-2002

Joey and LienTeshima, CA 
    Hi Barry, Thanks for the great bonefish fishing adventure, however I do have one complaint...here it is...my wife, Lien, was VERY skeptical prior to the trip (as you know, she actually brought a book to read), and thought that it was going to be just another fishing trip. After she caught the 12.5 pound bonefish coupled with a very personable guide (you), I can't get her to shut up! She constantly reminds me that her 12.5 pound bonefishwas bigger than my 10.5 pound bonefish. Your website says she caught a 12 pound bonefish so she wanted me to let you know that it was 12.5 pounds (I think the heat got to her head). She especially enjoys your website with the pictures...she forwarded it to everyone she knows (and to some people she doesn't know!). The picture on your website is now a screen saver on her computer...her previous screen saver was a picture of me. I must say that you have created a bonefish monster (a.k.a. my wife). You failed to inform me of the consequences of a great fishing trip. By now, I'm sure you figured out that this is sarcasm at its best. The fishing trip was the most enjoyable thing we did during our week stay in the Florida keys. We can't stop talking about the great time we had with our friends and family. Barry, you are not only a great fishing guide but an absolute gentleman off the water. Until next time, take care and give us a call if you ever make it out to California (you have my business card). Thanks again for the most memorable fishing trip ever. Best personal regards, 
Joey and LienTeshima 8-27-2002

Skip and Sean Stowers,  TN 
     Good evening Capt. Barry: Just dropping you a line (no pun intended) to express our gratitude for the great and hot fishing trip on July 14th. Everything exceeded my expectations from ease of finding you to the large amount and diversity of fish you were able to locate. Was hoping to catch a half dozen or so fish but boating 14 reds and a snook was just super. I think we would have caught more fish with a little more adept casting and a little less adrenaline flowing when sighting the fish. This is a trip my son is still talking about. Your knowledge of the location of these fish and their feeding habits is truly exceptional along with your patience when clients miss cast or flub an opportunity to apprehend a large  fish. Hope we can do this again  in the near future. Thanks again for the memories. 
 Skip and Sean Stowers 7-25-2002

Phillip & Christina Hohmann, TX 
     Barry,Christina and I just wanted to send a big "Thank You!" for a great trip this past week.  We really enjoyed the whole experience and especially all the fish we caught!  If you don't mind, please forward the photo of the barracuda.  Thanks again! 
 Phillip & Christina Hohmann 7-7-2002

 Scott Dykes, GA 
    Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed our two days of fishing. I also appreciate your patients and apologize for the sloppy cast I made. I promise to practice more before my next trip. I also hope to use some of your techniques on these Ga redfish. I hope to go after a few this weekend. Thanks again. 
Scott Dykes 5-12-2002

Kyle and Courtney Stiles 
    Well hello, Sitting here at my desk reflecting (daydreaming) about my flats trip with you last Friday. Just want to thank you again for providing Courtney and me a memorable day on your waters. I have a new respect for your sport and can not imagine the skill it would take to pursue and land bonefish on the fly. I understand from talking with locals that for me to have caught and landed one fish on my first bonefish outing was something to brag about. I carefully explained that it had nothing to do with my skill but the fact that my guide put me on fish all day and by accident I made a cast that didn’t land in the boat, or hit them on the head. I will be back! I will be much better prepared and will keep the damn shrimp in the water all day without having to be reminded. Thanks again, 
Kyle and Courtney Stiles 5-1-2002

Bill Dean Marietta, GA 
    Barry; I just wanted to thank you for the trip on 4/12. I appreciate the effort in very tough conditions and Chris surely appreciated the results. If you ever need a reference I would be happy to provide one.Again, thanks and I look forward to fishing again soon. 
Bill Dean 4-15-2002

Karen and Dana Hinz,Chicago 
    Hi Barry, Well, we made it home to Chicago with the temperature of 35 degrees and snow! Dana and I wanted to thank you for making our trip an awesome one!  We had a great time fishing with you!  You are great at what you do, willing to go the extra mile to get your clients hooked up with a fish!  This type of fishing is totally different than any other fishing we have done before, but it was fun trying something new.  We are already talking about coming back next year to try it again.  We will definitely practice our casting before returning!  Besides being a great fishing guide, you also know alot about the outdoor life of Florida.  We enjoyed learning about the wildlife, trees, plants, and ocean creatures.  Once again, thank you so much for everything and we look forward to fishing with you again! Good fishing, 
Karen and Dana Hinz 4-10-2002

Mark Judson Sturbridge, MA. 
    Barry - I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful time that Tom Fricker and myself had on Sunday.  It was an experience that I will not soon forget.  I am especially grateful for your patience and hard work. It was a wonderful learning experience for me.  For our next trip I promise to practice my casting and maybe if you can knock a couple of seconds of that blood knot  I just might land a permit next time (justkidding).  See you next year, 
Mark Judson 3-20-2002

John Gallant 
    Barry, JT and I really enjoyed the fishing. We'll do it again next time we are down and, with any luck, there won't be a 50 MPH wind in our face the whole time and we can go for those bonefish! Thx. 
John Gallant 12-23-2001

Doug Goth 
    I would like to write a note of recommendation on your behalf, and very much look forward to fishing with you again in the future. Even though the weather was horrible and we didn't catch any bones, we both had a very enjoyable day. Thanks for your patience. I learned a lot about fishing that I will be able to use on my own in the future so thanks again for a great day. 
 Doug Goth 12-29-2001

Martin Davies, Nottingham England 
    We just got back to England today - and the first thing I had to do was to say a big thankyou for your efforts with me and Brian - (who had only held a rod twice before!) we had a fantastic time - and it was the highlight of our 6 weeks in America - the fishing was great - and the guide was even better - patient, friendly, hardworking, supportive and a real pleasure to be with... Thank you so much for the most memorable bit of this years Holiday ...(barry it was better than the fins v san diego game .... so u know it was good!)  - Thanks a lot Barry 
Martin Davies 12-15-2001

Jeff Jensen 
    Hi Barry:  Wanted to write to thank you for the two great days of fishing.  I was thrilled to catch my first bonefish, but the hightlight was watching the boys having so much fun catching the sharks.  Next time we go fishing I'm going to practice my casting daily for a month beforehand!  I have enclosed a couple pictures of the boys for you if you want to use them on the website.  Thanks again for a memorable trip. 
Jeff Jensen 12-5-2001

 Michael Delaney, Colorado Springs CO 
    Hello Barry Just a belated thank you, My son Michael and I had a great time fishing with you. Although I made it look like I had never fished before, both of us really enjoyed ourselves. You lived up to your promise of patience, no stress and no screaming and that I appreciate greatly. Sincerely 
Michael Delaney. 6-28-2001

Joe Midgett, Virginia Beach VA 
    Barry, Thanks for a Great trip. Even though we caught only one, you restored our interest in bonefishing in the Keys. We had plenty of chances and saw more fish in that one trip than we had seen in three days the year before. Then the guide was only able to show us a half dozen in three days. We also enjoyed the backcountry trip. Thanks again and see you next year or possibly in October. 
Joe Midgett 5-16-2001

Aiden & Ed Flatley, Norwood Pa 
    Just wanted to thank you for 2 good days fishing. We really enjoyed the experience. 
Aiden & Ed Flatley  5-15-2001

Jenny & Bill Tabb 
    I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for a wonderful time last week. While Monday may have been a bust, Bill and I had a great time on Wednesday. You did your job and got us into the fish.  Unfortunately, our casting skills were lacking; but we'll work on that for the next trip. Thanks again. 
Jenny Tabb 5-1-2001

Jay Soto 
    Hello: Capt. Barry Thanks for a good time and tips on how to cast into hurricane force winds. Really, you are a talented teacher.  It will help me up north. If you don't mind, I am going to spread the word. I know of a couple of fishermen that would love to give it a try. As for me expect me back trying to hook up on some bone fish in August 2003. Thanks 
Jay 4-26-2001

John Keating, Hermitage TN 
    Barry, Thanks for all your hard work pushing me through the gales last Wednesday.  Despite the high winds and my poor casting, you still managed to put my first bonefish in the boat.  If I make it back down there this Summer, I'll give you a call.  Otherwise, I'll be booking you again next Spring. Thanks, 
John Keating 3-26-2001

Mark Goodman,  Hudson FL 
    Dear Barry, I want to apologize for my amateur display of casting prowess. I will definitely practice before the next trip. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and will recommend you highly. I will also be using you for any future trips. Regards, 
Mark Goodman 3-25-2001

John Perry & Debbie Profit, Winnepeg, Canada 
    Hi Barry, recieved your e-mail with picture, thank you. We hade a great vacation and really enjoyed our two days out on the water. Debbie loved seeing the dolfins and the sharks and the birds and I will never forget the Tarpon!  Hopefully we can do this again in the not to distant future. Take care Barry and thanks for being so patient. 
John Perry & Debbie Profit 3-25-2001

Brian Timmons 
   I just wanted to say thank you for bringing myself, and my girlfriend Holly fishing yesterday March 22nd.  I had a great time, and even though I was not able to land a fish, it was definitely one of the best days I have ever had fishing.  I was so nervous casting, and it definitely showed. Before our date in May I will try to hone the casting alot, and calm the nerves down.  I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the work that you did, and that I can't wait till may. Thank you for putting me on so many quality fish, and they are definitely awesome in power. I can't wait to get the shot again, and maybe even get to throw at some permit as well. Thanks for everything. 
Brian Timmons 3-23-2001

Charles Lacefield, Somerville MA 
    Barry - A bit belated but sincere note of THANKS for three great days of fishing.  My daughter and I both greatly enjoyed drowning dozens of shrimp on Feb. 23.  She was particularly appreciative of your coaching and sharing of insights about the back country of Florida Bay and the Everglades.  On Feb. 26 sight fishing on the ocean side was a fantastic experience, not to mention the battle of landing two 10 pound bonefish.  Your expertise and patience helped to make it a perfect day. On Feb. 27 we went looking for redfish, again in the shallow waters of Florida Bay.  We spotted a few and missed all but one, however, the tranquility of the mangroves, abundance of birds, sightings of rays, sharks, and dolphins were a nice bonus. Barry, again THANKS for some great fishing.  It is a pleasure to learn from a true professional who takes pride in his business.  I look forward to fishing with you again in 2002. 
Charlie Lacefield 2-23-2001

Peter Stickney, Fabius NY 
    Barry, Paul and I had a great time on our 02/20/01 trip. The sharks and barracuda 
were a total surprise. I have to rate that trip in my top 2 charters.  Take Care and good fishing! 
Peter Stickney 2-20-2001

Karl Petersen,  Boca Raton FL 
    Captain Barry,Just wanted to thank you again for the great day of fishing off Flamingo this past Saturday.  My dad and I really enjoyed it.  I am looking forward to going out again in a few months with one of my two sons.  Hopefully you will have dates available.  Once again THANKS. 
Karl Petersen Jr. 2-7-2001

Alex Kovanko, Aurora OH 
    Dear Capt Barry, I just wanted to thank you again for the great day on the flats. I also greatly appreciated your patience and fly casting instruction.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would download a copy of my picture to my E-mail  address when you get a chance.   Sincerely, 
Alex Kovanko 2-5-2001

Spencer Snow, Portland OR 
    Barry.....  Thanks for a very interesting day out on the flats.  Even with 40 years of fly fishing I find I have a LOT to learn.  At our next stop down in Marathon, our B&B host had Lefty Kreg's (sp?) book, which I wish I'd read before.  I hope to get back some day, and will practice in the meantime.  Thanks again, I really enjoyed it. 
Spencer Snow 1-3-2001

Mike Preacher, Seattle WA 
    Thanks for the enjoyable day of fishing, Barry.  We landed more species of fish in one day than I've landed in a lifetime.  Let me know if you every get to Seattle. 
Mike Preacher 11-13-2000

David A. McClaughry, Troy MI 
    Dear Captain Barry,  Thanks for another fantastic day of fishing on the flats off of Islamorada. I will not soon forget my anticipation as we "hunted" for bonefish trying to make an accurate cast with the right presentation.  I use the word "hunted" because sightfishing combines the pleasure of being fishing in the shallow waters around the keys and the challenge of spotting and stalking a single species of fish.  The elusiveness of the bonefish, while at times frustrating, enhances the sport to make it like no other kind of fishing. You gave us a lot of opportunities to refine our fishing skills and the encouragement of "getting the next ones" when we missed them.  Your hard work and positive attitude made the fishing all the more enjoyable.  While the hunt is fun, the excitement that ensues once a bonefish is hooked is addictive.  A first run with the reel screaming as the fish attempts to bust off of the flat or find a mangrove root to free himself is truly exciting.  My arms shaking as I held my rod high and brought in hundreds of yards of line that had been ripped off.  The second and third runs which were not as long as the first but equally as powerful.  And then landing the fish and seeing its beautiful colors -- bluish-green back and fins with radiant silver flanks. This is particularly surprising after straining to spot these fish in the water.  There is no doubt that we will be back for more. Thanks for your clear and calm casting instruction.  Thanks again for a great day of fishing, 
Dave.  11-6-2000

Steven Conca, 
    Just wanted to say thanks for two terrific days on the water with you. Even though I didn't catch my bonefish or permit (I've got to learn it isn't like trout fishing...keep the rod tip down & strip...should have listened more closely), I haven't spent any finer days fishing. Looking forward to fishing with you next year. Best to you & your family. Steven Conca 10-11-2000

Bret Hamilton, Brentwood, TN 
   Capt. Barry, I just wanted to thank you again for a great trip this past Thursday.  David and I really enjoyed every minute of the trip.  I will definitely recommend you to my friends, and I will definitely fish with you in the future.  Thanks again, Bret Hamilton 9-8-2000

Ernie Caldwell, Roanoke VA 
    Mr. Hoffman, On Wednesday June 14, 2000 you fished with my father and brother.  (Eddie andChris Caldwell).  My brother was fustrated with his casting ability.  He is a beginner flyfisher and was late joining our trip therefore he did not get 
in much practice. Chris could not say enough good things about your casting instruction and the amount of fish you put him on.  I feel he is hooked on this stuff.  He has already borrowed my 10 weight to practice for next year. Thank you for your patience and your no screaming attitude.  You made fishing fun for him. We will be back next year and hopefully I will be able to fish on your boat.  I lost the coin toss to Chris this year. I wish you the best of luck for the rest of the year. 
Again thank you.  Ernie Caldwell  6-21-2000

Dave Vladimirou, Phoenix AZ 
    Just wanted to thank you for being patient with Paul and I last Saturday. You're talented and patient - just what it takes!  Next time I make it down there, I'll definitely book another day w/you.  After talking w/Paul today,we couldn't believe how many opportunities we completely blew.  We casted fine to the sharks and 'cudas, but as soon as any bonefish came near - we choked like a couple of invalids.  Next time.Thanks again, Dave Vladimirou 4-8-2000 
note:weather horrible, extremely cloudy and windy, Very tough conditions for the guys.

Scott Pope, Greenland, NH 
    Barry: Just a quick note of thanks for providing Bill and me some great fishing opportunities. Although the conditions were a challenge, and our accuracy frustrating for us all, we had a terrific time regardless. I personally appreciate the extra time you took with Bill to teach him some "pointers" as he had not wet a fly in years. Your patience and sense of humor was appreciated. I will be recommending you to anyone I know looking for a guide in the Keys. Thanks again, Scott Pope  3-16-2000

Terry Jackson Hermitage, TN 
    Barry-Just wanted to say thanks for the fishing Saturday and thanks for the flycasting lessons. Not the best fishing day ever but it's always great to just be on the water, especially with a class act like yourself. Again thanks for everything and hope to hook up with you again in the future. 3-10-2000

Sam Davenport Hanson, MA 
    Barry, Definitely our pleasure to fish with you -- Adam and I were quite impressed with your knowledge, attitude and the hard work you put into getting us shots at fish.  We had a great time, despite the lack of wind and dumb bones.  Thanks for your patience, and please look me up if you're up north this summer and would like to wet a line.  All the best - Sam  2-19-2000

Dave & Andrea Elwood, Farmington Hills, MI 
  Barry, We had a great time on Feb. 14th fishing with you. I've been with many different guides for all kinds of fishing all over the country and by far, you are the best! We will recommend you to all who are looking to fish that area. Not only were you knowledgeable but a great instructor and gave us a very relaxing atmosphere. Thanks again and we will definitely be back to catch that one that got away! 2-14-2000

Bill & Roxanne Bean write: 
    Barry, My wife and I had a wonderful day with you in Florida Bay...lotsa trout and a couple of nice redfish under kinda tough conditions.  We're trying to decide on the date of our next trip...thanks again... 
 Bill & Roxanne Bean 2-7-00

David Doss   Rome, GA 
    Barry: I want to thank you for the great time Collin and I had fishing with you. I really appreciate your patience and expertise that allowed Collin to have such a great experience. He gets a big grin on his face every time I call him "The Trout Slayer". Even though the Redfish were a little more of a challenge due to the weather and temperature, I really enjoyed the "sport" of spotting the fish and then attempting to catch it. We may be back in late March, and I would love to do another trip. I'll check back to confirm our plans. Thanks again. David Doss 1-30-00

Tom and Rowena Adamson 
    Just wanted to say thanks for the trip a couple weeks back. Rowena and I had a great time, despite the less than perfect conditions. I ended up speaking with a couple of other folks at the Chesapeake hotel about trips they had taken that Friday with other guides. Their experiences, while positive, seemed to pale at the variety of fish we found and the fact that you were able to turn us on to bonefish opportunities right out of the gate, again despite the weather. And of course I had to mention the back country 
hole you put us on, where we actually got tired of catching fish on every cast. I passed along your information and hopefully they looked you up. You can trust I will be back to the Keys soon and I will be sure to arrange at least one day of fishing with you while I am there. Thanks again, Tom 1-14-00

Stephen Pruitt writes: 
  Thanks for a great day of red fishing last week.  I just got the pictures back.  My dad and I had a great time.  We were both very impressed at the amount of fish you put in range of the boat (and extremely unimpressed with out ability to capitalize on the situation).  We had a blast and hope to go out with you again.  Thank you for your patience and knowledge.  Happy New 
Year.  Thanks, Stephen Pruitt  12-29-99

Mr. Randy Hafer writes: 
    Barry, I'm finally back to work and wanted to just drop you an email to tell you what a wonderful day of fishing you provided.  My father and nephew haven't stopped talking about the trip.  I am so happy that my father was able to be there for an incredible experience.  We watched the video afterwards and it came out pretty good. (80 pound tarpon) I'm sure we will watch the video many more times. Anyway, the next time my father comes to Florida I hope you're available. I also hope to schedule a trip with you in the fall or winter for some bone fishing.  Thanks for everything; I couldn't have asked for a better time...Randy Hafer  8-6-99

Mr. Wade Robinson,Greenville, NC writes: 
    Barry, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you again so much for your unending patience, coaching and determination during my recent two-day fishing trip on the oceanside flats for bonefish and permit. My goal for the trip was to catch a bonefish.  But I never imagined that I would have hooked up the first bonefish 20 minutes into the first day. Although I was not able to land the fish, I knew I was in for something really special.  That day, I hooked five (5) bonefish (landed three, 7#,8#, and 10#); and to top it off you put me on at least twenty (20) permit, and in rough conditions one took the crab (20#).  And among the permit were schools of tarpon...WOW!   By the way, I have learned that good fisherman always round their numbers UP! Day two produced another bonefish 20 minutes into the day that fell just shy of 14#, and even though the conditions (cloudy) were not as favorable, we managed a second fish of about 8#.  In fact, if not for my poor casting, who knows...we may have been able to manage a Grand Slam? All in all, the good fishing (numbers and size) was only a part of the experience.  The best part was your company.   Spending two days with you was like sharing time with a brother or at least a long time good friend. Your peers say that you have the personality for this business, and from a customer they could not be more accurate.  In closing, this trip has been the most enjoyable vacation I think I have ever had.  My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Keys, and we have done nothing but talk about the wonderful people and terrific customer focus that everyone in the Islamorada area shares.  I would be honored to share another day with you on the water.  Maybe with a fly next time. I will send some pictures when I get them back.  Wade Robinson 4-27-98 
                                                                         Phew! Thanks Wade.

Mr. Kermit Borland, Reprogenesis Company, Boston MA writes: 
    "As I said Friday, I don't think I could have had more opportunities than you got me. Next time I come, there will be no wind and bright sun.  As I figure it, you could have camped out in one spot and said "wait for them to come" or you could have worked only the fish feeding downwind -- instead you chased everything, upcurrent and upwind, to give me a shot. Thank you, your reputation has spread." See you again, 
Kermit Borland -note: overcast, wind east at 20-25mph 10/10/97

Mr. Richard Miller, Greensburg, PA writes: 
  "Barry is a hardworking, high energy, and dedicated guide who specializes in fly and light tackle fishing on the flats. This I have enjoyed several times on previous trips and with great success due in part to Barry's help and expertise. I would highly recommend this trip to Islamorada."             Richard Miller

Capt. Brent London, contributing editor: Jacksonville Fisherman & On-Line Angler writes: 
  "The next day fishing with Barry was one of the best learning experiences of my bonefishing days. He taught me a great deal about feeding patterns, spotting fish, making the presentation and patience. There is no knowledge like a local guide's knowledge. Barry showed me more fish in an hour than I saw in the other three days fishing. I recommend him highly." Capt. Brent London

Mr. Jim Popa, Columbus, Ohio writes: 
  Barry, thanks for a great day on the water. My son and I enjoyed our fishing and your expertise in the Everglades. I would recommend you to any of my fishing friends.  Jim Popa

Mr. Phil Sorensen, Neenah, Wisconson writes: 
      Hi Barry, I wanted to get back to you with a thank you for a fun day on the flats!  Even though the sun did not show itself at times and the temperature of air & water was below optimal....I really enjoyed it.  I was amazed at the size of the bonefish.  I will work a little more at my casting skills for the saltwater breezes and hopefully be back in the near future.  Thanks again, I will pass on your name to friends.  Phil Sorensen

John and Eleanor Craig write: 
    Barry, as I said briefly on the phone message, we both tremendously enjoyed our fishing trip, and we believe you were an important part of that. You are obviously knowledgeable about the area, and where to take people to catch fish!  You were cheerful, upbeat, and informative- you have "hooked" me on 
sport fishing!  All I have been able to talk about today is how much I enjoyed fishing!  We are already talking about trying to make this an annual trip- when we return we will call you in advance!        John and Eleanor Craig

Art Webb of Cary, North Carolina writes: 
       Barry- Just wanted to thank you for a great day on the water. As I stated at the start of the trip, my main mission was to learn.  I did. Thanks to your answers to my endless stream of questions, I came away armed with far more knowledge than I started with. I'll trade that for a chilly day and tough fish anytime.                                             Take care.  Art Webb

Bryant Wade of Michigan writes: 
       Capt. Barry, In case they did not make it abundantly clear, the guys had an absolute blast fishing with you.  They had only positive comments about the entire experience and said repeatedly that you were a great guide, both in terms of putting them on fish and with respect to your patience and care.  Take note that if any of us travel your way again and fishing is on the docket, you'll be hearing from us.                                             Thanks again,     Bryant Wade 


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